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This is the second instalment of a two-part series on my journey to the creation of the Inner Uprising movement and the Inner Uprising  program of healing. A program to help all men and women embrace the divine feminine power within and not only transform their own lives, but positively impact the world at large.

I spoke in part 1 about the role of numerology and the powerful effects of the particular numbers that governed 2017 and I shared 2018 numerology predictions.

In this, part 2, I want to share the synchronistic events that led me to create the Inner Uprising movement and the healing program that will play a key role in raising up the divine feminine aspect within in all men and women.

2016 – A Year of Endings

Numerologically, 2016 was a 9 year which represented ‘Endings’. So it’s no surprise that during 2016, I experienced a series of synchronistic events, which left me in no doubt the Universe was urging me to retreat from the world, go inward and get ready to release what no longer served me and open up to all that would.

There Are No Coincidences, Only Divinely Guided Synchronistic Events

I had just been on holiday to my native Ireland and while I was there, I had a dream that I was closing the doors of my healing practice. I literally saw myself ‘moving out’ but strangely, I couldn’t sense the new energy of ‘moving in’.

The dream puzzled me, but I didn’t think too much about it. That is, until I returned from my holiday and on my very first day back at work, I was told that the lease on my building couldn’t be renewed and I’d have to move out.

Never one to put anything down to pure chance or coincidence, I thought, well that’s okay, clearly my dream was giving me a ‘heads up’ and I’m just meant to move locations and this confirms it. So I asked the Universe to simply guide me to the perfect property and I went about quickly looking for my new premises.

As the days and weeks passed though, and I still hadn’t found anything right for my needs, I became frustrated. In fact, I became incredibly frustrated and as the lease ended on my current premises and with nowhere to go, I was more than a little bit irritated with the Universe!

It seemed after all, that each new property I had tried to view had a cloak of invisibility around it. I either couldn’t find the street, the agent couldn’t find the key, or it had magically been rented within hours of being advertised and disappeared from the internet. So I finally gave up the fight. I went into spiritual lock-down and asked the Universe for answers!

“Close Your Doors”

I asked the Universe why each and every property I tried to secure was blocked? I mean, what was I not getting? I’d done my intentions. I’d asked daily for Universal support to find the perfect place. I’d called on my Guides and still, zero. Nada. Zilch outcome! So what was I missing or better, what did the Universe actually want from me?

It would seem I had finally asked the right question. A wave of energy suddenly came over me and I got my response.

I heard a resounding “Close your doors”.

Despite the loudness of the message and the clarity of the words, the message made no sense.

Me: Close my doors?

Universe: Close your doors.

Me:  You want me to close my practice?

Universe: Yes.

Me: No Really?

Universe: Yes.

Me: Okay… So I close my doors… but for how long? Like a week? 2 weeks?

Universe: 3 months.

I immediately felt a wave of resistance rise up in my chest at the preposterous notion of closing my practice for 3 months and adopting a demanding tone, I probed further.

Me: What am I supposed to do for 3 months?!

Universe: Write.

Me: Write what?!

Universe: You’ll know.

In an instant this higher voice was gone and I was left sitting at my desk for the longest time just trying to process the challenge the Universe had just laid down for me. The longer I sat there though, a wave of calm began to flow in and despite my initial resistance, something did in fact feel right about this.

Although I had no real idea what the Universe wanted from me, I knew only too well that when the Universe comes calling, it’s wise to take note, trust and act. This deep faith in the messages from the Universe has led me time and time again to:

  • the right place,
  • in the right timing and
  • to the right outcome.

There is literally not a positive thing in my life that hasn’t come from listening to and acting on the messages I receive from the Universe.

Trusting the Universal messages and following the nudge of its energies in my life, has led to me finding and living my vocation as a Lightworker. It has led me to meeting and marrying my Soul Mate and created the opportunities for me to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. And so, at the behest of the Universe, in July 2016 I retreated. Closed the doors of my practice and went inward for 3 months.

Answering The Universal Call

It was during this time and while I was in a deep meditative state that I received a series of messages from the Universe. One message was that I was to focus my work on creating a movement to help all men and women heal their relationship with the Divine Feminine.

The second message, was to take note of 2 words: Inner Uprising.

I wrote these 2 words on my vision board and waited for the inevitable penny to drop as to their meaning and how they would be used. In the weeks that followed, it all became crystal clear!

An External Uprising

While I watched on as Donald Trump came into power and the ensuing marches through each major US city in outrage at his appointment, not to mention, other cities around the world, I shook my head in dismay at the images. The world it seemed, was in uproar. But once again, I heard that all too familiar higher voice chime in…

“External uprising doesn’t work! What the world needs is an inner uprising!”

The Return of The Divine Feminine – A Global Calling

There is a global calling and an urgent need for the world to now enter a shift in consciousness. That shift requires ‘inner’ rather than ‘outer’ action and necessitates a healing of humanity’s relationship with its feminine aspect.

Thereby meaning:

  • all men can freely experience and express their emotions and feel safe to share the reins of power with their female counterparts; and, so
  • all women can assert powerfully for their needs and feel safe to stand in their truth and personal power.

This is the only way we can truly transform our individual lives as well as, be instrumental in changing the world we live in and restoring it to a state of balance, harmony, love and respect; a state of Unity Consciousness.

Our Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine

Within men and women, lies a delicate balancing act of two essential opposites, a feminine aspect (the Anima) and a masculine aspect (the Animus).  These two parts of our being must work in unison and in harmony for a unified internal, as well as external life experience.

Renowned Swiss Psychiatrist, Carl Jung saw this balancing act as the basic structure of the psyche; our true nature or Soul.

The Shadow Masculine

It would be perhaps no exaggeration to look at the world and assess it is a world that is predominantly expressing and acting from its negative, shadow masculine. That is to say, aggressive, controlling and single minded actions. Actions which have at their core a focus of personal gain over group harmony and actions devoid of the positive feminine qualities of connectivity, creativity, compassion, sharing and love.

We only have to turn on the nightly news to get a glimpse of the level of imbalance between our polarities, as reflected back to us through the events in the world.

The shadow masculine is, to a great degree, running the show and, as such, the planet is out of alignment and this is no longer sustainable. The time is now urgent for us all (men and women) to heal our relationship with our Divine Feminine aspect. The level of disharmony on the planet is an indication of that urgency.

We must all, make the necessary shift at a global level from our current disconnect, to a group consciousness of love, harmony, balance and connection; Unity Consciousness. Owning our Divine Feminine aspect is our path to that shift, as She represents all that is needed for the task; love, healing, intuition, renewal, creation, compassion, wisdom, nurturing and connection.

We must begin owning and leading from our Divine Feminine aspect without delay but to do so, we must firstly heal her.

It’s no longer enough to raise a clenched fist at the broken systems that hold ‘perceived’ power and angrily chanting for change.

Marching the streets with banners painted with outrage is no longer enough.

Prayer alone is no longer enough.

For true change in this world, we all need to take personal responsibility and go inward. We all need an inner uprising of our Divine Feminine aspect so we can harness our inner power, raise our self-worth and access our divine purpose. Each and every one of us needs to heal and balance our polarities by embracing both parts of ourselves; our inner masculine and inner feminine aspects. To access our inner power and rise up to our inner greatness, we must all experience an inner uprising.

The Inner Uprising® Program will do just that.

The ‘Inner Uprising®’ Program

The Inner Uprising®Program consists of 3 unique, (8-week) 1-on-1 transformational journeys which are instrumental in:

  • rapidly raising one’s consciousness
  • healing layer upon layer of current and past-life wounding
  • transforming self-belief and raising self-worth, personal power
  • enabling you to witness your true gifts and talents
  • helping you create and maintain strong personal boundaries
  • assisting you to realise your Soul’s true purpose
  • healing your feminine aspect, bringing it into alignment with your masculine aspect
  • facilitating the essential move toward ‘Unity Consciousness’
  • introducing powerful spiritual practices and spiritual rituals to create a whole new level of spiritual connection
  • developing your intuition and connecting you with your Spirit Guides
  • strengthening your ability to communicate with and receive messages and support from the Universe
  • deepening your sense of belonging and lifting your vibration to new heights

The 3 ‘Inner Uprising®’ Journeys To Raise Up Your Divine Feminine Power

‘Reclaim Your Power’

The firstInner Uprising® Journey is ‘Reclaim Your Power’.

This is a personally guided 1-on-1 (8-week) journey which is all about releasing the wounds of the past, transforming limiting and fear-based beliefs, healing relationships, overcoming self-sabotage, reclaiming your Soul energy, balancing your polarities, creating and strengthening your personal boundaries, releasing anxiety, bringing your inner Feminine and inner Masculine into alignment for a whole new future and opening you up to personal ‘Spiritual Practice‘.

Learn more about ‘Reclaim Your Power‘.


‘Answer Your Soul’s Call’

The second Inner Uprising® Journey is ‘Answer Your Soul’s Call’.

This is a life-changing 1-on-1 (8-week) program which is all about developing a relationship with your Soul and the Universe, reinstating a true connection to your Soul, discovering your Soul’s purpose, embracing the power of presence, becoming aware of synchronistic events and opening you up to personal ‘Spiritual Ritual’.

Learn more about ‘Answer Your Soul’s Call‘.


‘Share Your Light’

The third Inner Uprising®Journey is ‘Share Your Light’.

This is a profoundly powerful personalised 1-on-1 (8-week) program specifically designed for those wishing to answer the call of Spirit to be of service to humanity. Being part of a collective movement to create a better world and a better future. Working directly with Spirit and your Higher Self and with the healing energies. This program will be instrumental in helping you discover and anchor into your unique signature, unique gifts, and unique purpose as a Lightworker, as well as prepare you in a powerful way, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and energetically for professional ‘Spiritual Work’.

Learn more about ‘Share Your Light


Are you ready to start your journey? Join me in either Reclaim Your PowerAnswer Your Soul’s Call or Share Your Light to allow for your own transformation in 2018.