Do you want to answer your Soul's calling?

In a world that's becoming increasingly difficult to navigate, we need to find a way to heal our Soul, reclaim our self-belief, and become empowered through self-love so that we can truly thrive.

I'm Michelle Capper-Fay and my personal mission is to take people through an inner uprising of self-belief, self-love and self-empowerment. I passionately help people to live a life anchored in spirituality and positive intent, so they can access their inner power and align to their life's purpose.

I specialise in healing the emotional self, transforming limiting and fear-based self-beliefs and, in anchoring people into their life mission through my personal development and spiritual growth programs. My programs help people awaken to the connection to their Higher Self, so they can reclaim their personal power, answer their Soul's calling and begin sharing their unique gifts with the world.

I'm an Energetic Healing Practitioner, a Channeler, Soul Coach, Past Life Coach, Dream Interpreter, and Teacher with the Denise Linn International Institute of Soul Coaching®, as well as, a Business Coach, and Professional & Spiritual Mentor to Soul-seeking people from all walks of life, as well as, Healers, Coaches and Entrepreneurs. 

I am the creator of 'Inner Uprising®'; a transformational program of emotional healing, self-discovery and personal expansion which, combined with a Masters in Business, enables me to help people not only grow personally and spiritually, but also professionally; ultimately, enabling them to shape a life they would truly choose to live.

Soul Coach


Denise Linn Hay House

"Michelle is an extraordinary Practitioner. Those who attend her events experience remarkable transformations in their lives."

Denise Linn

Hay House Author & Speaker
Testimonial Image Dimi Jawardene

“I can’t imagine where I’d be if I hadn’t been touched by Michelle's abilities. She has so much knowledge, wisdom, healing and spiritual power that she's able to guide you in the most caring, genuine way"

Dimi Jayawardene

School Teacher
Testimonial Image Brianna Owers

"If you are wanting training in the healing arts and coaching.... Michelle’s Serenity Healing training in Bali is a course I highly recommend for healers... It's absolutely the best course I've ever done! "

Brianna Owers

Energy Healing Practitioner
Testimonial Image Mary Roche

“My healing and coaching sessions with Michelle have had a profound impact on my life. She is a highly intuitive and connected healer and coach and has an amazing ability to quickly cut through the layers and get to the heart of what’s really going on."

Mary Roche

HR Consultant
Mark Howard

"Michelle has been my mentor, healer, advisor and coach for 5 years.  Attending her 'Serenity Healing' workshop & training was the most profound and transformative experience of my life."

Mark Howard

Energetic Healing Practitioner
Testimonial Image Elissa Down 2

“Michelle is a wise and incredibly gifted healer. I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to increase their happiness quotient, become empowered and more clear and focused in their goals.”

Elissa Down

Film Director/Writer
Testimonial Image Leigh White

“For those whose life purpose is to heal and improve the lives of others, Michelle is an excellent Mentor and Coach. She generously shares her tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience.”

Leigh White

Media Advisor, Writer, Speaker, Holistic Coach
Testimonial Image Trudie McConochie

“My sessions with Michelle have been life-changing. If you want to grow (who doesn't?) and get better at ‘adulting’, you want Michelle on your side.”

 Trudie McConnochie

Testimonial Image Sonia Motum

“I cannot recommend Michelle highly enough. She has been the most powerful and transformational influence in my life to date. She's a powerful healer and intuitive guide, as well as being the ultimate professional and spiritual teacher"

Sonia Motum

Energy Coach
Testimonial Image Miriam Kirwan

“Michelle is one of the most unique and intuitive spiritual healers/teachers in her field. She is always ‘spot on’ at clearing up and dissolving past situations.”

Miriam Kirwan

Corporate Administrator
Testimonial Image Sue Hollis

“Nothing prepared me for the overall impact Michelle's had on my life. As a spiritual guide, healer, business coach and teacher, her wisdom, compassion and ability to facilitate healing have changed my life."

Sue Hollis

Business Owner, Healer, Mother