Inner Uprising® – Ascension Program 3

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"Embracing Your Light"

Your 8 Week (1-1) Program To Align To Your 'Higher Purpose'

Now is the time!

There are many people on the planet at this time, awakening to the deep callings of their Soul and a gentle pull of their heart, to be of service to humanity and take their unique inner Light out into the world.

“Embracing Your Light" is an 8-week, personalised 1-on-1 program to enable you to courageously take your Light out to the world. Whether that be as the Healer, Coach or any field you wish to bring Divine Light to - This program will aid you to take your inner divinity and Light out to the world so that you begin sharing your unique gifts and talents with humanity in a very tangible and fulfilling way.

In this program, we will work together to define and refine your unique gifts, talents, voice and higher purpose. We will identify, heal and release any fears, old wounds and limiting self-beliefs that would stand in the way of your deep calling to share your unique light with the world.

We will begin the important work of aligning you with the most perfect environment where you can utilise your gifts in the world and in the most fulfilling and rewarding way.

What will we cover on your "Embracing Your Light" journey?

"Embracing Your Light" is an 8 session journey, during which we will cover the following:

  • Specific healing work on your belief systems
  • Past Life Healing and Soul Healing
  • Creating, strengthening and protecting your Personal Boundaries
  • Activation of your Psychic/Intuitive Centres
  • Clearing, realigning and activation of Chakras/Ascension Chakras/DNA
  • Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Healing
  • Connecting you to your High Level Spiritual Guides
  • Activating the power of the Natural Elements within you
  • Working with Archetypes, Nature Spirits, Archangels and The Divine Feminine Ascended Masters
  • Dream interpretation
  • Learning Daily Spiritual Practices, Ceremony & Ritual
  • Introduction to Lightworking in the world
  • Advice on specific books to increase your spiritual knowledge
  • Guidance on the most appropriate training to enhance your gifts & talents
  • A program manual to guide you

How will we achieve this?

We will meet weekly for hourly (1-on-1) sessions. Each time we meet, we will work through the above layers in a flowing and methodical way in order to create building blocks of connection, clarity and alignment, enabling you to work your Light in the world in the most empowered way.

About You:

"Embracing Your Light" is right for you if are:

  • aware that you have gifts and talents within you that you are not currently utilising
  • feeling a deep calling to bring your true gifts and talents out into the world
  • hitting blocks, in the form of fears, low self-belief and doubt when you attempt to bring your gifts and talents out into the world
  • wishing to heal blocks to owning your truth and showcasing your true gifts and talents
  • wishing to work in the world specifically as a healer or spiritual coach
  • wanting to develop yourself personally/spiritually/professionally
  • feeling a desire to deepen your knowledge and understanding of energy/spirituality
  • starting your journey as a healer or coach and wishing to prepare your energy and strengthen your connection for the path ahead
  • already out in the world as a healer/coach and wishing to clear limitations and strengthen your connection
  • wanting to activate a whole new level of intuition and connection with your Soul, Higher Self and Spirit

Is "Embracing Your Light" calling out to you?

If "Embracing Your Light" is calling to you, reach out to me for a chat about your needs and desires or alternatively, book in for a 1-hour "Clarity/Healing Session" and we can explore what you're ready for and what the Universe is guiding you to?


*** This program is currently full. Please email me if you'd like to be wait-listed for further programs.


Testimonial Image Trudie McConochie

“It's no exaggeration to say my sessions with Michelle have been life-changing. If you want to grow (who doesn't?) and get better at ‘adulting’, you want Michelle on your side.”

Trudie McConnochie,

Testimonial Image Sue Hollis

“Nothing prepared me for the overall impact Michelle's had on my life. As a business coach, she quickly helped me confidently step forward professionally... as a spiritual guide, healer and teacher, her wisdom, compassion, experience, insight and ability to facilitate a healing of the internal and external, have changed my life.”

Sue Hollis,
Business Owner, Author, Mother

Testimonial Image Leigh White

“Michelle is an excellent Mentor and Coach for those whose life purpose is to heal and improve the lives of others. She generously shares her tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience to assist and reassure clients.”

Leigh White,
Media Advisor, Writer, Speaker, Holistic Coach