In numerology, it is believed that all numbers carry their own unique vibration which in turn, influences our lives in very particular ways. The year 2017 was ruled by the (masculine) number One (2+0+1+7 = 10 – 1+0 = 1). The One energy, therefore served up a year of fresh starts, new beginnings and intense activity as we went about busily responding to the One vibration and began planting seeds and laying the foundations for positive change.

2018 is an 11/2 Year

Numerologically, 2018 is governed by the vibrations of the Master Number 11 and the (feminine) number 2; (2+0+1+8=11, 1+1=2). When the energy of these two numbers are harnessed, their combined influences bode well for a powerfully positive year.

Meaning of The No. 11

As a Master number, 11 brings with it the energy of spiritual power, innovation, creativity and confidence. Therefore, as we immerse ourselves in its vibration, it offers us intensified intuition and opportunities for mastership of our gifts and the manifestation of our goals. It is particularly potent during an 11 year to apply ourselves more fully and more confidently to our goals as the energy of this Master number assures us of greater than normal potential to achieve them.

Meaning of The No. 2

The number 2 holds the (feminine) energy vibration of love, harmony, openness, peace, belonging and balance. Two can be seen as representing partnership of a romantic nature but also, it can suggest collaboration with another for the fruition of one’s dreams. It can also assist in the balancing of our polarities; bringing our inner masculine and inner feminine into a state of harmony. Two asks us to be supportive and move away from individualist tendencies and rather, to think more collectively by considering the effects our choices might have on others.

Because of its feminine nature, Two asks us to adopt the feminine qualities of surrender and openness to receive so that we can allow in what the Universe sorely wishes to provide to us. In 2018, the 2 energy asks us to resist the (masculine) drive to bring in any new projects and rather, look for ways to give ourselves the time and space to focus upon and master what we already have. It asks us to be patient and to trust that all is well beneath the surface and that our vision for a better future is in good hands. Two calls on us to dedicate our attentions on refinement and perfection of our ‘Soul-guided’ ideas so they can be successfully birthed into form in 2018.

The 11 & 2 Energies Combined

In short, 2017 was driven by the masculine energy of ‘doing’ and ‘achieving’, and now 2018 is about surrendering to the feminine energy of ‘being’ and ‘receiving’ and calming our masculine aspect so that our activities are spiritually guided and not purely ego driven. As such, we are offered through the combined energies of the (masculine) 11 and the (feminine) 2 to harmonise our polarities and create a true state of balance, love and harmony.

In a way, we can see 2017 as the year we became pregnant with our newly created vision for a better future and 2018, as being the year where we sit patiently with that pregnancy and allow it to grow safely inside us and be nurtured through to its timely birth.

In a literal sense, if we are pregnant, we know we must begin to reduce certain activities for the sake of the precious cargo growing inside us. In such a case, our external commitments are reduced to allow proper rest and to create the necessary space for a watchful eye to be held on our impending arrival. Our focus is narrowed down, not broadened. We resist starting any new projects whilst we focus only on our pregnancy and upon refining and mastering the art of mothering our soon-to-be born creation.

This ‘Mum-to-be’ approach also applies to the birth of our visions.

In 2018, the combined vibration of the 11 / 2 year asks us to:

  • immediately take time to look at what no longer serves us and courageously let it go
  • focus on balance, harmony, love, respect and belonging as a guiding principle in all our decisions to ensure we are making Soul-guided commitments throughout the year
  • be willing to spend time refining our ideas and mastering our gifts so that we can live our Soul-guided purpose

What do these 2018 numerology predictions mean for you?

When it comes to harnessing the powerful energies of an 11/2 year in your own life, some spiritual self-inquiry will reap great rewards. Start by asking your Soul these 3 important questions:

  • What can I surrender and de-clutter from my life to birth my Soul-guided ideas into form?
  • What action can I take to enter a whole new level of clarity, focus and openness so that I can truly witness and benefit from the opportunities the Universe is sending me?
  • What steps can I take in this powerfully potent year to rise up to my inner greatness?

The law of energy is such that, the moment we engage in spiritual self-inquiry and ask our Soul a question, our Soul can do nothing but gladly answer the call!

What happened for me in 2017?

In my own life, the seeds of ideas I planted and the foundations that I laid in 2017 led me to the creation of a powerful vision which I’m finally now ready to unveil and present to you. It’s a vision which will offer you a true path to harness and align with the Divine Feminine power that resides within everybody, the ability to claim self-mastery, the clarity to witness the opportunities the Universe is sending you and the personal power to truly rise up to your inner greatness in 2018; that vision is Inner Uprising®’

The Inner Uprising®’ Program Is Now Here:

The Inner Uprising® Program of healing and expansion is now officially open and starts with ‘Reclaim Your Power’, a personally guided, (8-week) 1-on-1 journey of profound healing to release the emotional debris of your past and activating personal power by healing current and past life wounding, releasing self-sabotage, strengthening your boundaries, transforming your self-beliefs, balancing your polarities and putting you on a path of self-discovery, renewal and, essentially, a rebirth of the True You.

You can learn more about how listening to the Universal messages and responding to synchronistic events led me to take powerful steps in my own life to create the Inner Uprising® movement that will now play a key role in healing the divine feminine in all men and women, in part two of this two-part series.