Inner Uprising® – Ascension Program 1

Lifting The Veil

"Reclaim Your Personal Power"

Your 8 Week (1-1) Program To Reclaim Your Power & Connect To Your True Self

This program is a personally guided journey of profound healing to release the emotional debris of your past, heal self-sabotage and put you on a path of self-discovery, renewal and essentially, a rebirth of the True You. This program acts as the passage-way leading to a gentle yet powerful space for emotional healing, mental transformation, and spiritual re-connection.

This 8-week program takes you on a transformational journey inward with me at the helm guiding you, holding space for you, as I lead you to a renewed state of freedom, balance, self-empowerment, self-belief, self-worth and self-love. It is in truth, the catalyst for the True You to begin rising up and shining through so you can lift back the veil and reveal who you were always meant to be.

About you:

"Lifting The Veil" is right for you if you are feeling some of the following:

  • Confronted with feelings that you are ‘not good enough’ or ‘not enough’
  • Gripped by a sense of urgency to 'arrive' somewhere, but you don't know where that is
  • Gripped by a sense of duty to 'give' endlessly to the needs of others and you don't know how to stop
  • Excessively focused on (work success) at the cost of your (relationships)
  • Excessively focused on (relationships) at the cost of your (work success)
  • Bouts of fear and anxiousness, as well as disconnect
  • Sadness in relation to your past and you can't see a way to move through it
  • Caught up in a lot of activity but gain no real sense of accomplishment
  • Trapped in what feels like a never-ending process of adding more to yourself to fit in
  • Unable to secure a healthy relationship, meaningful work, love or financial flow

What will our journey together include:

  • Energy 'clearings' to facilitate the release of old energies, limiting blocks and limiting/fear-based beliefs
  • Energy 'healings' for a beautiful integration of the new desired state/new healthy beliefs
  • Guided meditations
  • Past life healing
  • Soul Healing
  • Chakra & Energy healing/activation/alignment
  • Balancing of your polarities
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Take Away Spiritual and Energy Healing tools to use at home to manage your energy ongoingly
  • Guidance on wonderful books to read to increase your personal knowledge on healing, spirituality and self-development

How will you feel once you have completed this program?

You will:

  • begin witnessing self-sabotage and old patterns shift, lift and dissolve
  • see changes and great improvements in your personal and professional relationships
  • learn to hold stronger boundaries and express powerfully for your needs
  • begin to witness synchronicity in your life as new opportunities flow in
  • have greater clarity in terms of what's right for you and tools to empower you
  • witness your fears and anxiety levels begin to heal
  • feel more inspired and connected to yourself and the Universe at large
  • feel inner power rising within you where there has never been before
  • begin to understand how energy is everything, something changeable, malleable, that can be shifted in your favour
  • begin to understand that you are the architect of your own experiences and the master of your own destiny

If "Lifting The Veil" resonates with you, reach out to me by filling out the below confidential form and we can begin understanding your needs.


*** This program is currently full. Please email me if you'd like to be wait-listed for further programs.


Testimonial Image Dimi Jawardene

“I honestly can’t imagine where I’d be if I hadn’t been touched by Michelle's abilities. She has so much knowledge, wisdom, healing and spiritual power that she's able to guide you in the most caring, genuine way"

Dimi Jayawardene,
Primary School Teacher

Testimonial Image Mary Roche

“Michelle is a highly intuitive and connected healer and coach. She has an amazing ability to quickly cut through the layers and get to the heart of what’s really going on. Her healing and coaching sessions have had a profound impact on my life”

Mary Roche,
HR Consultant

Testimonial Image Miriam Kirwan

“Michelle is one of the most unique and intuitive spiritual healers/teachers in her field. She is always ‘spot on’ at clearing up and dissolving past situations.”

Miriam Kirwan,
Corporate Administrator