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"Answer Your Soul's Call"

8 Week (1-1) Program To Connect To Your 'Soul'

'Answer Your Soul's Call' is a life-changing journey into the heart of your Soul to reconnect you with your Authentic Self, activate your intuition and align you to a powerful new relationship with your Soul. This powerful, personally guided spiritual journey flows for 8 weeks and is a beautiful blend of Energetic Healing and The 28 Day Soul Coaching® Program (a transformational coaching program developed by renowned Hay House Author and Spiritual Teacher, Denise Linn).

In this 8 week journey, you'll be taken on a path of profound self-discovery to bring forth the answers you seek for a whole new life chapter, sense of purpose, connection and direction.

About You:

"Answer Your Soul's Call" is right for you if you are:

  • ready to make significant change in your life
  • feeling a strong desire to know your Soul’s purpose and path
  • feeling a calling to connect to your Soul and the Universe at large
  • hungry to explore the 'true' you
  • feeling a yearning to get 'big picture' answers
  • wanting to activate inspiration and ignite creative flow
  • at a cross roads in life/transition point and ready for a complete change in direction
  • wanting to find the perfect platform is for your unique gifts, talents and strengths

How will you feel once you have answered your Soul's call"?

You will:

  • experience a Spiritual awakening at a whole new level
  • feel a renewed sense of purpose or the finding of a whole new one
  • receive answers to some of your 'big' life questions
  • gain a new sense of direction and a clear understanding of how to get there
  • have the ability to commune with your Soul and recognise its responses
  • harness a new level of decisiveness
  • have the ability to take action for your next life phase
  • learn the importance and the power of spiritual ritual
  • become familiar with new 'easy to do' spiritual exercises to manage your energy ongoingly

How we will achieve this?

We will meet on a weekly basis for a one hour (1-on-1) session and you will receive daily support from me between sessions as you progress through the program.  You will also receive:

  • Weekly Energy Releases/Healings (in session)
  • Daily Soul Coaching® Exercises and Meditations to do at Home
  • A Soul Coaching® Manual to Guide You
  • A Soul Coaching® Quest Day Activity and Soul Directed Vision Board
  • Dream De-coding (in and out of session)
  • A Manifestation Meditation/Healing to bring it all together at the end and activate a flow of Universal Light Vibration toward the manifestation of your Vision

What's the focus of each week of this 8 week program?

Each week of this powerful journey has its own specific focus, consisting carefully crafted self-reflective exercises, spiritual activities and healing meditations to connect you back to your Soul, open you up to its messages, align you spiritually, re-balance your energy and activate the power of the natural elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth within you  (Read More)

If you feel drawn to "Answer Your Soul's Call", reach out to me by filling out the confidential form below and begin the process of answering the calls of your Soul.


*** This program is currently full. Please email me if you'd like to be wait-listed for further programs.


Testimonial Image Elissa Down 2

“Michelle is a wise and incredibly gifted healer. I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to increase their happiness quotient, become empowered and more clear and focused in their goals.”

Elissa Down,
Film Director

Testimonial Image Sonia Motum

“Michelle is a powerful healer and intuitive guide, as well as being the ultimate professional and spiritual teacher… I cannot recommend her highly enough. She has been the most powerful and transformational influence in my life to date.”

Sonia Motum,
Business Owner/Energy Coach

Testimonial Image Claire Lovering

"Michelle’s insights are uncannily accurate … She has a thorough understanding of the creative industry and has given me brilliant career coaching that has been hugely beneficial in my development as an artist."

Claire Lovering,