Woman meditating at the beach and drink tea

The journey of working with me, begins very gently, yet very powerfully with an Energy Healing, Spiritual Coaching and Mentoring session to go straight to the heart of things to start clearing your blocks and raising your consciousness to new heights.

What we'll start with:

I will have you share the situation you are facing. That might be difficulties in the area of relationships, a cross-roads in your life or career, a workplace issue, a physical ailment or a pressing desire to connect to your Soul, get on purpose and take your life in a whole new direction.

No matter the problem, situation or desire, I will begin immediately identifying and assisting you with the source of any blocks, confusion or misalignment within your energy field; quite often, coming from the limiting conditioning absorbed throughout life, along with limiting self-beliefs and the wounds which birthed them. I will then bring through higher energies to facilitate a healing for you to embody a new state of being for the path ahead.

What we'll cover in our session:

Sessions will consist of a deep level of energetic healing and release of whatever block, issue or desire has been identified during the session. It may also consist of:

  • belief system healing / transformation
  • emotional wounding / trauma healing & release
  • negative conditioning healing & release
  • career guidance / purpose alignment
  • business coaching for the spiritually-minded
  • relationship healing / relationship dynamic coaching
  • intention setting / goal alignment
  • past life healing, release and resolution
  • dream interpretation to resolve inner-conflict
    & understand spiritual messages coming through your dreams
  • energy upgrades to raise your consciousness
    and increase vitality & well-being

How we'll work together:

All sessions are remotely facilitated.