Our Journey Together Starts Here


1-1 Spiritual Ascension Session

The journey of working with me, begins very gently, yet very powerfully with a (1-1) Spiritual Ascension Session. In this session we begin the path of returning you to a state of wholeness and Self Sovereignty - Done through deep inner work to begin raising your consciousness.

What we'll cover in our Spiritual Ascension Session:

Sessions will consist of a deep level of energetic healing & release of any identified disruption to wholeness and blocks to Self-Sovereignty. It will also consist of spiritual activations for soul expansion in order to facilitate a shift in consciousness toward Self-Sovereignty.

An Ascension Session may consist of deep inner work involving some, if not all, of the following:

  • deep exploration of your beliefs and behavioural patterns
  • belief system healing / transformation
  • energetic healing of issues relating to the Ego and Shadow Self to enable you to reclaim the disowned parts of the Self
  • emotional wounding / trauma healing & release to facilitate wellness and empowerment
  • negative conditioning healing & release
  • past life healing, release and resolution
  • dream analysis to resolve inner-conflict, and issues relating to the Shadow self
  • deep exploration of spiritual messages coming through your dreams and daily experiences
  • relationship healing / relationship dynamic coaching
  • Energy Upgrades: energy upgrades to raise your vibration and consciousness, as well as, increasing vitality & well-being
  • Purpose Alignment: specific Soul-work to align you to your Soul's plan for this life; aligning your outer life with the inner callings of the Soul
  • intention setting / goal alignment

How we'll work together:

All sessions are remotely facilitated through WhatsApp and are 1 Hour.

*** There is currently a waiting list for this particular session