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Transformational Programs

Inner Uprising® Program 1:

"Reclaim Your Power"

"Reclaim Your Power" is a personally guided 1-on-1 (8-week) journey of healing with me to release the wounds of your past, transform your limiting and fear-based beliefs, heal your relationships, overcome self-sabotage, balance your polarities, strengthen your personal boundaries, release anxiety and bring your inner Feminine and inner Masculine into alignment for a whole new future.

This journey puts you on a path of self-discovery, renewal and essentially, a rebirth of the True You.  It also opens you up to 'spiritual practice'.

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Inner Uprising® Program 2:

"Answer Your Soul's Call"

"Answer Your Soul's Call" is a life-changing 1-on-1 (8-week) program which takes you into the heart of your Soul to connect you with your Spiritual Self and align you with your Soul's purpose. It takes you onto a path of profound self-discovery to bring forth the answers you seek for a whole new life chapter, sense of purpose, connection and direction.

This Journey is all about developing a relationship with your Soul and the Universe, embracing the power of presence, becoming aware of synchronistic events and opening up to 'spiritual ritual'.

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Inner Uprising® Program 3:

"Embrace Your Light"

"Embrace Your Light" is a personalised 1-on-1 (8-week) program specifically designed to help you honour your purpose so that you can bring your unique gifts and talents out to the world.

This Journey aids you in courageously stepping into your power and honouring what you have come here to do and to achieve. This journey opens you up to working with energy and to 'deep spiritual practice'.