What is Intuition?

People often ask me what our intuition really is. The answer is quite simple.

Your intuition is your ability to just know something. To just sense what’s really right for you in a given situation, regardless of any conflicting messages coming from the logic of your head.

Intuition is when you somehow just arrive at the right decision. Not through mental reasoning, but rather, you arrive there because of an inner ‘knowing’ that seems to spring from nowhere. An inner knowing which magically carries you through to the right choice, the right action and the right place and at the right time.

Where is that ‘inner knowing’ coming from?

That sudden inner knowing is Spirit communicating with you in response to the questions you’ve been asking, the dreams you’ve been holding and the decisions you’ve been pondering.

It is the voice of Spirit and your spiritual support team; your Soul, your Higher Self and your High Level Spirit Guides, or your ‘Spirit Team’ as I like to call them. All of which act as the collective voice of Spirit sending you feeling-based messages to guide you and support you in the right direction, so that you achieve the best outcome to move your life forward in the most positive way.

How do you know when your ‘Spirit Team’ is sending you messages?

Messages from your ‘Spirit Team’ often come as a sudden flash of insight or a wave of feeling in context to what you’re considering doing or, in context to what you are asking for help with. Something either suddenly feels really right or feels really wrong as you consider it.

Feeling is King in the land of intuition.

Equally, our ‘Spirit Team’ finds a multitude of ways of communicating to us beyond our feelings, and rather, through signs, symbols, synchronistic events, chance meetings, as well as our nightly dreams to get their messages across to us and to let us know they’ve heard our call.

“If prayer is you talking to God,
then your intuition is God talking to you”

The late Wayne Dyer once said “If prayer is you talking to God, then your intuition is God talking to you”.  Your intuition therefore, is the answer to your prayers.

The issue for many though, who are desperately trying to cultivate and decipher the language of the Universe is, they don’t fully understand how it speaks.

How do you recognise the messages from your ‘Spirit Team’?

Essentially, you’ve got to connect the dots.

  • If you’ve been asking the Universe for help and soon after something relating to that topic arises spontaneously in your day,
    it’s connected.
  • If you’ve been asking the Universe to guide you toward your life purpose and soon after someone tells you you’ve got a wonderful talent or strength in a particular area,
    it’s connected.
  • If you’ve been asking for more money and you find a Ten Dollar bill on the ground,
    it’s connected.

It might not be enough in context to what you’ve been asking for, but it’s the Universe letting you know “We’re trying to get your attention and let you know, we’ve heard your request and help is on the way”.

Watching For Signs

I was out walking one day and while I strolled along, I decided to have a chat with my ‘Spirit Team’. I asked my ‘Spirit Team’ to help me feel a renewed sense of magic in my life after a period of stagnation. I wanted to clear the proverbial dust from my life and feel inspired again. I wanted to see more magic in my world, so I asked my ‘Spirit Team’ to show me just that. Magic!

As I continued walking, I suddenly noticed something shiny and silver on the ground in front of me. Thinking it was a piece of jewellery, I leaned down to inspect it. As I picked the object up, I smiled from ear to ear.

It was a silver cake decoration with the words “Happy Birthday”.

On any other day, this would have meant nothing, except, on this particular day, it was in fact my birthday.

“Happy Birthday”

That was my ‘Spirit Team’ saying “we heard your call for more magic in your life and this is a message to let you know we’re working on it!”

Thank you Universe!

How can Spirit orchestrate such quick answers?

People often doubt the validity of a message though because they can’t quite fathom how help could have arrived so quickly after only just asking Spirit for support moments earlier. In which case, some might say, “That can’t be Spirit, there hasn’t been enough time for Spirit to have arranged that” or “That’s just a coincidence”.

“If Spirit can create Universes,
then helping you get a raise is a walk in the park”

If Spirit can create Universes, then helping you get a small raise at work, find a baby sitter at the last minute or receive an injection of desperately needed cash in an emergency is a walk in the park.

Spirit can arrange anything and do so instantly and when it does, we call this synchronicity.

What is Synchronicity?

Synchronicity is a term first proposed by Swiss psychotherapist Carl Jung.

Jung identified ‘synchronicity’ as being the occurrence of a “a meaningful coincidence”. That is, an event where two or more events are connected only by (meaning) rather than directly through an action (direct cause and effect).

A set of events which, against all the odds, just magically lined up to create an outcome you desired but often, even going beyond what you could ever have orchestrated with any deliberate action.

No request is too big

No matter what you’ve been asking Spirit for, whether it be help with a decision, more harmony in your relationships, guidance to safely get from where you are to someplace else, it has been responding.

  • Spirit is always responding
  • Spirit is always helping
  • And Spirit is always syncing us up with what we need.  Hands down every single time.


In the same way a parent would want their own child to do well, as a child of the Universe, you have a spiritual parent who wants you to do well; Spirit.

Spirit wants you to be in joy. To thrive and to feel love, because as you expand in joy, Spirit expands in joy. As you thrive and as you vibrate more fully in love, so too does everything around you and that expansion, is the very foundation of your relationship with Spirit.

We are in a relationship of continuous growth and expansion with Spirit and the Universe at large. A Universe which exists and relies upon a sacred relationship I call Divine Reciprocation.

What is ‘Divine Reciprocation’?

In the same way an Actor focuses their efforts on honing their craft and an Acting Agent finds them a stage to bring their best self to and showcase their gifts and talents, our relationship with Spirit is in a way, no different.

Our job in life is to cultivate our ‘inner self’, hone our God-given gifts and talents
and bring our best self out to the world.

Our job in life is to cultivate our ‘inner self’. Hone our God-given gifts and talents and bring our best self out to the world. Spirit reciprocates and rewards our efforts by lining us up with the most perfect platform where we can showcase all that we are. A platform where we can expand in joy, flourish in life and increase our love quotient and light vibration. As we expand in this way, everything around us gets a wonderful hit.

We get a hit. Spirit gets a hit and we all benefit from the expansion of each other.

And so, in the same way a parent would get a kick out of watching their child do well in life, so too does Spirit in context to us, and for this reason, when we need help and when we actively ask for help, Spirit answers.

But of course, we need to be alert to those answers.

What happens when we don’t connect the dots?

At 2AM on a hot Sydney night, I lay wide awake, staring into the darkness.  My mind was a merry-go-round of endless thoughts. A revolving door of meaningless topics all of course, screaming for my urgent attention!

I felt disturbed by my own energy and uncomfortable in my own skin. My heart, for no apparent reason, had been racing for days, perhaps even weeks and now in the dead of night, my ever-growing agitation ensured sleep would remain out of reach.

Seconds felt like minutes and minutes felt like hours as I listened to the monotonous ringing of my own ears. Eventually, my agitation turned a corner and delivered me into a state of anxiety. Anxiety, which had no apparent cause nor name.

Feeling powerless and annoyed I suddenly had an instinct to just ask Spirit what my anxiety was about.

So I did.

To my surprise, it immediately answered.

I was filled with a sudden feeling… an urge to get up.

I followed the urge and walked out into my living room. I noticed my laptop sitting on the coffee table, almost calling for my attention. I opened the lid and stared at the Google search engine for a short while. Sensing that was what Spirit wanted me to do, but given it was 2am in the morning, I decided to move things along.

Me:    “If you want me to search for something, send me a word to help me get started or we might be here for rather a long time…?

Spirit:   Soul”

I began searching for anything to do with the word ‘Soul’.  After a few moments, well-known Hay House author and spiritual teacher, Denise Linn appeared on my screen. I knew little of Denise’s work but as I looked at her face, I was hit with a loving energy and something felt right within me.

I asked Spirit “Is this what you wanted me to see… Do you want me to connect with this woman?”

Immediately, I felt a calmness sweep over me followed by a sense of having just received a gift. I knew I had gotten a ‘yes’.

The anxiety immediately left me. 

I realised that night, that even the good stuff, the stuff we’ve asked the Universe for, can build up in our energy field and gather dust until we stop to take receipt of it and just like a phone rings to alert us to an incoming call, our energy field then vibrates to get our attention and have us take collection of our orders.

A vibration which can look and feel awfully like anxiety but in fact, it can simply represent a build-up of what you’ve been asking for but haven’t taken receipt of. In my case, my order for a new teacher and mentor, which had well and truly arrived.

I acted immediately on this ‘late night’ call from Spirit and Denise Linn ultimately became a cherished teacher and mentor in my life, but only because I entered a deliberate conversation with Spirit to give me answers and only because I trusted the answer that I was given.

Conversing With Your ‘Spirit Team’ For Answers

When it comes to communicating with your ‘Spirit Team’ for answers, I always advise people to give their ‘Spirit Team’ a variety of ways through which to communicate back to them. I advise people to go to a place that is vibrant with movement.  This may seem strange, but it is for this reason.

If we are sitting at home alone contemplating, we are quite often sitting in the scene of the crime. That is, we are sitting in the place where our energy is quite possibly, heavy and stuck. Also, if we are sitting at home asking the Universe for signs, messages and chance encounters, the Universe has less available avenues to get its messages across to us if we are sitting on the end of our bed navel gazing!

So, I always advise people to choose a comfortable place to sit in the outside world; a coffee shop, a beach, a park, and give the Universe a multitude of ways to deliver its messages.

A car may go past with a number plate that has some symbolism. A person might engage you in conversation which has deeper meaning for you or, a truck may go past you with a giant slogan that offers an answer.


  • Take a moment each day to connect to your Spirit Team for a chat
  • Ask for their help with your issue or need – If it’s for help with a decision, notice what ‘feelings’ arise as you ponder your options. If you feel good as you look at one option more than another, it’s your ‘Spirit Team’ saying “pick this one”
  • Watch for signs, symbols, synchronistic events and even, repetitive numbersas well as writing down your nightly dreams – Remember your ‘Spirit Team’ will use multiple avenues to get their messages across
  • Connect the dots – If something related to your question occurs soon after you’ve asked for help… it’s your ‘Spirit Team’ reinforcing some point
  • Trust and act on the guidance you get – Remember, Spirit has created Universes, so responses can be rapid and no request is ever too big

It only takes seconds per day to connect to your powerful ‘Spirit Team’ to not only gain insights and support when you need it, but also, to give you the ability to hear your Soul’s deepest calling. Once you hear that call, your Soul can then steer you toward your greatest purpose and potential.

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