What’s that Vibe?

Have you ever walked into an establishment and despite it looking all stylish and clean, you felt the vibe was a bit off so much so, you walked out again? Have you ever met someone at a party and without any reason to support your judgments, you felt you couldn’t trust them and took a B line for the other side of the room? Or, have you ever watched a movie and something the protagonist said sparked such inspiration in you, you felt compelled to take immediate action to change some aspect of your life?

Well, whether you realise it or not, in such moments, you are having an energetic response to the energy of something in your immediate environment. Your own energetic system; (your inner GPS) is either communicating to you, that a place or person is out of alignment with you and you need to move on, or conversely, it’s telling you that something you’re engaging with is very much vibrating in alignment with you and you’d be wise to pursue it.

The ‘inner you’ which dictates your thoughts,
your choices and your ability to thrive in relationships, career and health

Your energy, at any given moment of any given day, is always responding to stimuli from the outside world. An example might be when someone says “the hairs just stood up on the back of my neck” or “that gave me goose bumps”. But just as we are always responding to stimuli from the outside, we are equally, always responding to stimuli from the inside and it is this inner energy, this ‘inner you’, that an energy healer like me is primarily working with. The energy within you which dictates your thoughts, your choices, your expectations and your ability to thrive in relationships, health and career.

The inner you which, when blocked by the emotional wounds of your past and rattled by the disturbance from limiting self-beliefs, can no longer accurately assess what’s right for you nor, more importantly, can it assess what’s wrong for you.

Answering Life’s Most Perplexing Questions

To be able to accurately know what’s right for us and more specifically, get the answers to life’s most perplexing questions: ‘Who am I?’Why am I here?’ and ‘What’s my purpose?’ and to re-establish balance, strength and harmony after periods of distress, sadness or grief, we need to go to the source of the blocks within our energy field that are impeding our path to wellness, prosperity and sense of purpose. We need to clear the debris of our past to be able to access our desired future.

Our Greatest Impediments

The greatest impediment to our wellness, prosperity and purpose and our ability to heal, transform and thrive sits within the emotional debris of our past, trapped within our energy field. That is to say, our limiting and fear-based beliefs and the wounds of our past which birthed them. It is the combination of our emotional wounds and the limiting and fear-based beliefs, trapped in our energy field, which cause the bulk of our problems.

A Three Tiered Cake

Think of yourself as a 3 tiered cake. The top layer (the iced sponge) represents what’s visible; your current physical life and everything in it: job, family, friends, finances, physical health, behaviours and hobbies. The middle layer (the cream), represents your partly visible mental life and most particularly, your belief systems, which fuel your thoughts, choices and expectations. Then, the very bottom layer (the sponge base), holding the other two layers up, represents your hidden emotional life; the emotional experiences of your past and the meaning you gave them.

Where we have experienced emotionally-charged events and as such, emotional wounding or even trauma, those experiences populate the bottom layer of our being and over time, become fertile soil for the birth of our limiting and fear-based beliefs. Then, because of the law of energy (like attracts like to itself), those fractured beliefs attract new experiences into our life that match their quality (negative) and the merry-go-round of unhealthy relationships, anxiety, job dissatisfaction and ill health ensues. These fractured  beliefs are essentially a magnet for the negative.

To heal our limiting and fear-based beliefs, we have to pull the ’emotional wounding’, ‘conditioning’ and ‘traumas’ that sit at the roots of them, feeding them, in that bottom layer. We have to release the very thing that is pumping fuel upward into our limiting self-beliefs in that middle layer. By energetically pulling the emotional wounding, dissolving the conditioning and releasing the traumas. This creates a ‘house of cards’ effect. That is to say, by pulling the bottom card (the emotional wounding, conditioning and traumas), the whole house comes down (the limiting self-beliefs) and at this point, we finally have a chance to stop attracting negative experiences from the (external physical environment) and rather, we begin to attract positive ones.

The Difference Between Conventional ‘Talking’ Therapies and Energy Healing

Conventional ‘talking therapies’ place primary focus on the intellect; (the middle layer of our 3 Tiered Cake), as a way to heal the emotional wounds at the bottom layer. Yet, it is the intellect which is blocked by the limiting self-beliefs, and as such, creates a stubborn obstacle to healing the emotions beneath. Therefore, to heal our emotions, we have to go straight to the emotional part of our being to where the wounding and even traumas have taken root. We have to go under our intellectual self, not into it. Otherwise it’s akin to taking a bath in dirty bath water and expecting to come out clean.

To truly heal, we must move beyond just talking about our issues at the mental level and we must embrace a path of healing that works directly with our wounding and working directly with our wounding requires that we work energetically. We must work with our Energetic Self.

Our Energetic Self should be a primary focus, and not just the thoughts in our head. Working directly with our energy in this way is the key that unlocks the proverbial door, not only to wellness but, to everything our hearts truly desire. It also connects us powerfully to our Divine Feminine aspect; that part of us which, when connected to, gives us access to our personal power, intuition, creativity, wisdom and our Energetic Self.

The conventional ‘talking therapies’ can only take a person so far on the healing path before hitting the stumbling block that negative energy imprints create. That is to say, the energy of our past traumas which are stuck in our energy field and even moreso, if the source of a person’s current issues are not in this life, but rather, stem from traumatic events in their past lives; and more often than not, the very roots of our issues are in fact past life related.

Past Life Memories

A huge proportion of our current life issues and emotional fears have their roots in traumatic past life events. The wounding of which has become stuck in our energy field. Our Soul (the ever evolving permanent part of us) then carries it from one life to the next until it is set free through ‘past life healing’ and ‘energy release’ work. Without which, the individual is cursed to a life of needless pain, and I say needless, because it is.

We all have the potential to heal, no matter our start point on the path to wellness.

Embarking on a Healing Path

One of the first things I say to people at the commencement of a healing journey is “despite any level of emotional pain, confusion and disconnect you may be feeling, there is no black cloud hanging over you and you will heal.”

I tell them, they are merely experiencing what sits at the roots of this heavy place they find themselves in. That is, old energies trapped within and around them from all the unresolved experiences of their past (this current life) and their past, past (past lives) and all of which can be resolved, released and healed.

I don’t say this lightly. I say it from a place of direct experience, because I’ve lived the journey of healing that I now facilitate for others. Every bit of it!

“There is no black cloud hanging over you,
only unresolved energies trapped within you”

I’ve lived the starting point of fractured self-worth, feelings of powerlessness and confusion, even trauma, and I’ve also lived the journey through to the other side to a place of balance, expansion, love and a life of profound meaning. I have experienced a full alignment with my personal power. I’ve experienced an inner uprising of self-belief, self-worth and self-love and best of all, an inner uprising of true potential and purpose for being. My greatest calling, is to now help others do the same.

As a Clairsentient Energy Healer (someone who can sense and feel what is going on in another), I’ve been gifted with the ability to quickly sense and heal misaligned energy and as a Spiritual Coach, an antenna for quickly uncovering the source of a person’s blocks.

In my work, I feel my way through a person’s energetic story as much as their shared story; often navigating my way through the intangible terrain of the unsaid as much as the said, to locate and heal the hidden roots of their brokenness.

That brokenness, more often than not, limiting and fear-based beliefs born out of the wounds of their past. Fractured beliefs and their roots merely waiting to be uncovered and healed, and all the while, as we journey together on their healing path, I hold strong in my vision for them. That they realise, they are at their core, a beautiful luminescent being of Light, which the wounds of their past have merely dimmed, but not extinguished.

I watch on in awe as people flow to me in droves
and all looking for the same thing…

I sometimes wonder though, how I got here. What began many years ago in a little room in Bronte has now become years on, a vibrant healing practice in Mosman. I watch on in awe as people flow to me in droves and all looking for the same thing; for someone to finally help them heal from the emotional wounds of their past and to aid them in transforming the limiting self-beliefs and fractured self-worth, robbing them of their joy.

They also come armed with questions:

  • What’s my purpose?

  • How can I connect with my Soul?

  • How do I change my energy and lift my vibration?

And that big one

  • How can I find love? 

I embrace them all, as their stories merely require deciphering in the right way to facilitate a healing which brings forth their purpose, reconnects them with their Soul, raises their vibration and finally draws in love. I also tell them, ‘You can heal’.

Our work together quite quickly puts them on the path to empowerment by transforming their limiting self-beliefs into powerful self-beliefs and releasing the wounds of their past to make way for a whole new life chapter, purpose and path.

The healing path starts with your Energy

But where do you even start to heal your wounds when the start point is chaos?

It starts with your energy…

Everything is energy

As a child of the Universe, you are a living, breathing, moving force-field of energy beyond what you could ever imagine with your own human eyes. It’s easy though, to see ourselves as just a solid physical form with hard edges protecting us from the energies of the outside world, but in truth, we are essentially fluid. We are energy and for that matter, so is everything else.

We are a walking, vibrating energy field

The idea we are solid matter is an illusion of the human eye and an illusion quickly dissolved through the lens of a microscope. Everything is energy; even what appears to be solid. This is not fanciful new age ideology but rather, something asserted by the cleverest scientific minds on the planet. We are a walking, vibrating energy field.

The bigger the event, the bigger the imprint

Therefore, everything we experience, every single event, has the power to blend with our energy field and leave an energetic imprint within us. An energy memory if you will, and the bigger the event, the bigger the imprint.

The Bowl of Blue Water

In the same way that a bowl full of crystal clear water, would soon turn entirely blue if we dropped even a single drop of blue dye into only one part of it, we too, become coloured by what comes into contact with our energy field. We can’t help but be affected as a whole and just like that bowl of water, we will have changed as a result of even the tiniest interaction. No matter where that proverbial blue dye of life impacts us, the whole of us will be affected.

The question then is, where are those imprints held within us and how are they showing up in our life?

‘Matter Is Our Mirror’

Author, Don Miguel Ruiz puts it beautifully in his book “The Four Agreements” when he says “Matter is our mirror”. This means that whatever part of our life is blocked, troubled or off the rails it is telling us that there is an energy blockage, a wound, an injury in that part of our energy field which needs to be resolved, released and healed.

…as much as we may scratch our heads as to the source of our life’s issues,
our life’s issues are in fact telling us the source…

Therefore, as much as we may scratch our heads as to the source of our life’s issues, our life’s issues are in fact telling us the source and the source will be held in one or all aspects of our energy field.

The Human Energy Field

Our whole being is composed of layers of energy or (energy bodies). Beyond our physical body, are our non-physical, subtle energy bodies which are layers of vibrating energy that sit around our physical self and each of which has its own specific vibration and its own particular purpose; the Emotional Body, Mental Body and Spiritual Body, and combined, these 4 bodies of energy are what is known as the Aura.

Each of these subtle energy bodies and therefore, each aspect of you, must be in harmony and communication with the other for an inward experience of physical health, inner safety, balance, joy and connectivity and an outward experience of rich relationships, flowing creativity, financial comfort and purposeful work. Each subtle energy body and each aspect of you has a particular focus individually but also, collectively:

Your 4 Bodies

The Physical Body

The most tangible body to grasp is of course, your physical. It appears physical though, only because it is vibrating more slowly as an energy than all the others, giving the elusion it is solid. Your physical body enables you to build the desires of the heart and bring form to the visions of your mind. It is the vehicle through which your Soul will live out its plan.

In order for our physical self to move purposefully through the world,  it must be fed, not only food, but nourished emotionally and mentally in order to thrive.  And our physical life must include spiritual practice so that we may hear the calls of our Soul and live out our divine plan.

The Emotional Body

Your Emotional Body governs all matters of the heart. It is your antenna for what feels right or wrong and as such, it can be seen as one of the most powerful aspects of your inner guidance system. It holds the felt memories of your past and as such, carries the energies of love, hate, desire, likes, dislikes.

It constantly alerts us to what is in or what is out of alignment; despite any conflict coming from our head but it is equally destabilised by what the head has decided and as such, it regularly bows down to the head’s assertions.

The Mental Body

Your Mental Body holds your beliefs, values, knowledge, ideas and perspectives, along with your prejudices, judgements and the perceived factual memories of your past. If untrained, it sways easily from its vital state of clarity, particularly when it’s subjected to external judgements and opinions coming from familial values, societal pressures, the collective consciousness and other influencers, such as the media. If clarity is lost, disturbance within the mental body takes hold and one’s light vibration is significantly lowered and spiritual disconnect ensues.

The Spiritual Body

Your Spiritual Body offers you a direct line of communication to your Soul, your Higher Self and the Universe at large and the great cosmic ocean of love, life force and support that’s available to you. It offers you access to your Soul’s plan and acts as a portal for inspiration, creativity and spiritual growth and a doorway to your gifts, talents and purpose. It is as vital to your existence, as food is to your physical form.

And so too, is your chakra system…

The Chakras

The chakras are essentially energy portals which spin in a clockwise direction allowing us to draw in valuable Universal Life Force Energy (Chi) into our being. This life force energy then moves from the chakras through to our meridians (energy channels) allowing this vital energy to circulate throughout our body to the body’s organs and systems for optimum health, balance and wellbeing, as well as also helping us maintain emotional stability, mental clarity and connection to Spirit.

When energy becomes blocked in a chakra, it triggers physical, mental, or emotional imbalances that manifest in symptoms such as anxiety, lethargy, or physical disease. The Aura then becomes clogged and so does our life.

It is often the case, when we experience this ‘clogging up’, generally through the lack of any daily spiritual practice in our lives, that we begin to feel and see more and more challenges show up in our external life at which point, we might begin to feel tested and quite often, it is the Universe which gets the blame.

The Universe isn’t testing us,
it’s only ever responding to us

How often do we hear people say “The Universe is really testing me!”. I know in my work I hear it almost every day. But the truth is, the Universe isn’t testing us, it’s only ever responding to us.

The Law of Free Will

It would run contrary to the Law of Free will for the Universe or any beings of Light to send us things to test us. The Universe is only ever responding to our dominant thoughts and feelings by matching them. Why? Because it works from the premise that you have free will and you exercise that free will through your thoughts which it sees as your choice. Or put differently, it sees your ‘thought choices’ as a request to it to fill. In a way, our thoughts can be seen as our shopping list for the Universe to collect and deliver to us.

It is hard for many people to see let alone believe the power of their own mind in the mix of what they manifest in their life. But none the less, it is true.

Therefore, if you are consumed with angry thoughts, the Universe receives that as your shopping list for it to fulfill. So, if your mental chatter is negative and life is throwing a lot of challenges your way, you must find a way to locate the source of it to break free.


  • Take a moment to think where in your life have you regularly stated:
    “I feel I’m being tested here”
    or “The Universe is really testing me”
  • Is it in your relationships? Your work life? Your physical health or perhaps, your finances?
  • Whichever part of your life you are regularly feeling tested in, this is telling you that you are in resistant energy there and there will be a limiting or fear-based belief and an emotional wound sitting right behind it, fueling it. You do not however, have to be held to ransom by it.

Knowing which part of your life is in resistance; ‘matter is your mirror’, is offering you powerful insights as to your start point for your healing path to wholeness and success. Embarking on an energetic healing path will finally open the door for the answers to your life’s most perplexing questions to finally flow in; Who you are. Why you are here and most of all, an awakening to your purpose.

Are you ready to heal the wounds of your past and start transforming your life?

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releasing limiting beliefs

‘Reclaim Your Power’ – A Life Transforming Journey To Empowerment, Purpose and Self-Love

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