Denise Linn Hay House

Denise Linn
Hay House Author, Speaker

Michelle is an extraordinary Soul Coaching® Practitioner. Those who attend her events experience remarkable transformations in their lives."

Testimonial Image Sue Hollis

Sue Hollis
Author, Business Owner, Coach

“Nothing prepared me for the overall impact Michelle's had on my life. As a spiritual guide, healer, business coach and teacher, her wisdom, compassion and ability to facilitate healing have changed my life."

Testimonial Image Mary Roche

Mary Roche
HR Consultant

“My healing and coaching sessions with Michelle have had a profound impact on my life.

She is a highly intuitive and connected healer and coach and has an amazing ability to quickly cut through the layers and get to the heart of what’s really going on."

Giulio Ranieri Photo 2

Giulio Ranieri
Business Owner

“When I met Michelle, I was in a place of feeling lost and lacking direction in where I needed to go. Depression had taken hold and as a “Man”, we’re kind of told to just ‘dig down and deal with it’. Michelle not only helped me with all of this, but also, offered me a great combination of spiritual healing, as well as, solid personal and business guidance. The resulting balance, has enabled me to discover my new path which is bringing me so much joy and peace”.

Testimonial Image Elissa Down 2

Elissa Down
Film Director/Writer

“Michelle is a wise and incredibly gifted healer. I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to increase their happiness quotient, become empowered and more clear and focused in their goals.”


Testimonial Image Brianna Owers

Brianna Owers
Energy Healing Practitioner

"If you are wanting training in the healing arts and coaching.... Michelle’s training retreats in Bali are courses I highly recommend for healers... Absolutely the best courses I've ever done! "


Testimonial Image Sonia Motum

Sonia Motum
Business Owner, Energy Coach

“I cannot recommend Michelle highly enough. She has been the most powerful and transformational influence in my life to date. She's a powerful healer and intuitive guide, as well as being the ultimate professional and spiritual teacher"

Testimonial Image Trudie McConochie

Trudie McConnochie


“My sessions with Michelle have been life-changing. If you want to grow (who doesn't?) and get better at ‘adulting’, you want Michelle on your side.”

Testimonial Image Dimi Jawardene

Dimi Jayawardene
School Teacher

“I can’t imagine where I’d be if I hadn’t been touched by Michelle's abilities. She has so much knowledge, wisdom, healing and spiritual power that she's able to guide you in the most caring, genuine way"

Mark Howard

Mark Howard
Meditation Facilitator/Energetic Healing Practitioner

"Michelle has been my mentor, healer, advisor and coach for many years.  Attending her workshops & training were the most profound and transformative experience of my life."

Justine Whitfield foto

Justine Whitfield,
Business Owner, Healing Practitioner

Two words would describe attending a Bali retreat with Michelle - 'Life changing' ! This retreat was the catalyst that gave me the tools and confidence to fully step into the role as the healer in my practice. Michelle is a rare find, not only an incredibly gifted healer, she holds space as a teacher in the most authentic, caring and compassionate way.
Testimonial Image Miriam Kirwan

Miriam Kirwan,
Corporate Administrator

"Life changing! Michelle is a gifted intuitive healer who creates a very supportive and safe space to learn and grow.  The skills and techniques I learned at this workshop have expanded my spiritual awareness beyond expectations; enriched my life enormously both personally and professional and have provided me with a wide range of tools to tap into in seconds; which I use daily." 


Christine Callaghan
Healing Practitioner, Spiritual Coach

“Michelle is an incredibly intuitive, soul-centred spiritual guide, healing practitioner and teacher. I have been privileged to have been coached and mentored by Michelle for a number of years. Each step with Michelle has opened my eyes and my soul to what is possible. Her Energy Healing training was a life changer and Michelle’s Soul Coaching® Practitioner training was exceptional. Michelle gently guides and teaches with such wisdom and compassion. I can honestly say that these have been the most profound learning experiences in my lifetime.”

Red hat

Michaela Wray
PR Manager

"I can honestly say, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without working with Michelle. Her divine energy, wisdom and loving vibration has allowed me to reach completely new heights in my life and relationships. Michelle’s incredible intuition, and her ability to rapidly identify the root of what needs to be healed is something to be experienced - it truly sets her apart."

Testimonial Image Leigh White

Leigh White,
Media Advisor, Writer, Holistic Coach

“For those whose life purpose is to heal and improve the lives of others, Michelle is an excellent Mentor and Coach. She generously shares her tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience.”


Billi Kajtez
Corporate Executive

“Michelle is a rare find in the world of coaches, energy healers and spiritual teachers. Her profound ability to get to the root cause of any issue quickly, has enabled me to heal and transform my life in ways I never thought possible.”

Testimonial Image Claire Lovering

Claire Lovering,

"Michelle’s insights are uncannily accurate … She has a thorough understanding of the creative industry and has given me brilliant career coaching that has been hugely beneficial in my development as an artist."

Monk on rose petals free monk-458491_1920

Meagan Cohn,
Energy Healer & Entrepreneur

“As a teacher, Michelle has enhanced and greatly developed my skills as an energetic healer and intuitive”