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Do you want to become a professional Healer or Coach or learn a healing modality for personal use?

I take great joy in offering a journey of professional development within a variety of practitioner certification courses. offer training in energetic healing and spiritual coaching, namely: The Serenity Vibration Healing & Enlightenment Technique®; a powerful modality that offers a total healing experience, working on all 4 aspects of the Self: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual; Reiki, a very gentle form of healing useful for realigning the flow of Chi or life force energy throughout the body for healing and balance; as well as, coaching training to become a Certified Soul Coach of the Soul Coaching® Program; a transformational coaching program created by renowned Hay House Author and Spiritual Teacher, Denise Linn.  I offer the following professional certification courses in healing and coaching:

Divine Feminine

The Serenity Vibration Healing® Technique - Level 1 & Level 1 Mastery

The Serenity Vibration Healing® Technique ("SVH") is a modality that offers a total healing experience. It is an incredibly powerful energetic technique for healing the Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual aspects of one’s being; bringing all four into harmony and balance.


Chakra & Energy System Healing

Reiki  - Levels 1 & 2

Reiki is a very gentle form of healing useful for realigning the flow of Chi or life force energy throughout the body. Energy must flow freely and easily through the body for a state of physical and emotional wellbeing and a feeling of balance, harmony and connection. However, where there are energy blocks present in your energy system due to the storing of negative emotions or toxic substances, there will be interference with the flow of this positive life force energy.  Reiki can dissolve such interferences.



Soul Coaching®

The Soul Coaching® Program, developed by renowned Spiritual Teacher and Hay House Author, Denise Linn, takes you onto a path of profound self-discovery to bring forth the answers you seek for a whole new life chapter, sense of purpose, connection and direction. Soul Coaching® is about awakening you to the messages your Soul has been trying to give to you in order to steer you toward the life it intended for you; a life of joy, love, spiritual connection and a Universally guided purpose.