Serenity Vibration Healing® Technique – Lvl 1

Heal Your Energy Heal Your Life
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What is the Serenity Vibration Healing® & Enlightenment Technique?

The Serenity Vibration Healing® & Enlightenment Technique is a powerful energy healing modality that offers a total healing experience.

It is instrumental in healing the Soul, transforming limiting & fear-based beliefs, clearing emotional wounds right down to their roots, relieving physical issues, resolving past-life related issues, as well as, reclaiming personal power, and not least of all, offering an accelerated path to spiritual expansion. It is an incredibly powerful energetic technique for healing and transforming the Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual aspects of one’s being; bringing all four into harmony and balance.

What will you learn within the Serenity Vibration Healing® (L1) Professional Course Curriculum:

As a student of this technique, you will learn to:

  • Work with your own Higher Self and the Higher Self of your Client to facilitate profound levels of Healing and Spiritual Expansion

  • Facilitate 1-on-1 Healing & Spiritual Coaching Sessions (In-Person or Remotely)

  • Facilitate 1-on-1 Past Life Healing Sessions (In-Person or Remotely)

  • Facilitate 1-on-1 Guided Healing Meditation Sessions

  • Aid people in Rescripting The  Negative/Traumatic Experiences of their Past

  • Facilitate Energy Activations

  • Soul Healing & Soul Purpose Alignment

  • Facilitate Group Guided Meditations and Healings

You will specifically learn to work with and facilitate:

Emotional & Mental Healing:

  • Healing limiting and fear-based belief systems
  • Releasing and resolving traumas, emotional wounding, grief and energy blocks
  • Clearing anxieties, fears and phobias
  • Letting go of limiting conditioning
  • Releasing and healing inherited conditions and behavioural patterns
  • Releasing regret and limiting vows, oaths, contracts and agreements which unintentionally bind a person to another
  • Cutting energy draining cords to past relationships a client wishes to be free of
  • Clearing what a client has taken on from others as well as past events which are limiting them

Spiritual Healings & Activations to Aid Spiritual Growth, Awakening & Expansion:

  • Spiritual Re-Connection
  • Healing, Activating and Realigning the Chakra System to raise a person’s vibration, clarity, awareness and connection
  • DNA Activations to raise a person’s vibration, as well as, activate their innate gifts, talents and purpose
  • Expanding natural gifts and talents
  • Activating Intuition
  • Expanding a person’s Spiritual Channel so they may connect more fully to the highest aspects of themselves

Life Purpose Work:

  • Awakening Soul Purpose
  • Aligning a person to the most fulfilling path, purpose and environment for their unique gifts and talents
  • Goal Alignment and Manifestation
  • Powerful Intention Setting

Past Life Healing:

  • Releasing past-life traumas, emotional wounds and energy blocks which are interfering with a client's current life ambitions/wellbeing
  • Going back to re-script past events to the positive
  • Clearing Karmic Issues

Physical Body Healing:

  • Discovering the source of a physical ailment
  • Understanding the meaning of a physical ailment ie its spiritual message
  • Bringing healing to a physical illness, ailment, and to a body area - post injury/surgery
  • Preparing the body energetically for an upcoming medical procedure/surgery
  • Restoring physical vitality and well-being

Energy Protection:

  • Energetically shielding a person to protect them from things which deplete their energy

Guided Meditations:

  • You will learn to guide a client through a healing meditation.

Distant Healings:

  • You will learn how to run, not only (face to face) sessions, but also, (distant healing) sessions via skype or phone.

Space Clearing:

  • You will learn energetic tools for Space Clearing.

What will you receive during the Serenity Vibration Healing® Technique Training?

  • A Comprehensive Course Book:

    A 250 page practitioner 'book' to guide you, both within the course and also, well into the long-term future as a certified “Serenity Healing Practitioner”

  • A Comprehensive Class Workbook:

    A comprehensive class 'workbook' to guide you, both within the course and also, well into the long-term future as a certified “Serenity Healing Practitioner”

  • Guided Meditations For Transformational Healing:

    You will be provided with Guided Meditations encoded with Healing Energy to enable you to run meditative healing sessions with your clients

What will you receive upon Graduation?

  • Energy Healing Practitioner Certification:
    You will be certified as a fully qualified ‘Energy Healing Practitioner’ in the ‘Serenity Vibration Healing® & Enlightenment Technique’

  • Membership with the IICT:
    You will qualify for membership with the 'International Institute For Complimentary Therapists' (IICT)

  • Become Part of a Global Serenity Healing Community:
    You will be a part of the Serenity Healing community, where you can connect with practitioners from all over the world

What support will you receive post graduation?

I offer ongoing mentoring sessions through my Program:"The Lightworker's Path" so that you can receive continued support and guidance that you need as you get comfortable with your use of the Serenity Healing technique (in whatever form that takes and in whatever area of your life you are using it), and also, to offer you guidance on the successful use of Serenity Healing in the day-to-day running of a healing practice (if you are integrating the technique into your healing, coaching or counselling work).

Who is this training for?

While this technique is a powerful addition to the spiritual toolkit of any Coach, Counselor, Healer, Therapist and Retreat Facilitator, it is also a wonderful technique for anyone wishing to simply learn an energy modality to improve their personal life and relationships or, their work in the world. It can literally be brought into any environment and have a transformational effect; no matter whether that's within a therapeutic setting or business environment; such as the corporate world, it can be powerfully useful in any field. There is truly no end to the positive and powerful use of this technique as it can be used to improve meetings, negotiations, learning, well-being, health, wealth and happiness.

How & Where is this Technique taught?

This Level 1 training is taught as a beautiful and intimate (6 night) intensive retreat at the "Heaven In Bali" Retreat in Ubud, Bali.

When is the next retreat?

The next scheduled retreat is 14 - 20 January 2020.

*There are still spaces available for this retreat

Testimonial Image Brianna Owers

Testimonial:  Brianna Owers, Level 1 Graduate

"Absolutely the best course I've ever done! This course offers you access to a modality that facilitates deep and lasting healing as well as a pathway to profound self-development..."

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Testimonial:   Mark Howard, Level 1 Mastery Graduate

"Attending the Serenity Healing training with Michelle was the most profound and transformative experience of my life. Spending a week at the Bali retreat with Michelle transformed and elevated my existing skills, opened my awareness to new skills and took me to healing realms I had only dreamed were possible. This experience changed my life to its very core. If you're on a spiritual journey and looking to do the deep transformative work required to soar as a Lightworker, Michelle’s insightful guidance will be the most sound investment in yourself that you will ever make."

Testimonial Image Miriam Kirwan

Testimonial:   Miriam Kirwan, Level 1 Mastery Graduate

" Life changing! Michelle is a gifted intuitive healer who creates a very supportive and safe space to learn and grow.  The skills and techniques I learned at this workshop have expanded my spiritual awareness beyond expectations; enriched my life enormously both personally and professional and have provided me with a wide range of tools to tap into in seconds; which I use daily."