'Daily Energy Rituals' To Transform Your Energy

Below are 2 Free Recorded Meditations (1 for morning/1 for evening) consisting easy-to-do, 'daily energy rituals' which you can do as a daily spiritual practice during this challenging time of isolation. Each recording will immediately lift, shift and realign your energy.

Opt In Cover - Morning Meditation

The 'Morning' Energy Ritual Meditation

This Morning Energy Ritual will assist you to set your energy up for the day in a powerful way by activating a state of groundedness, calm, focus, centredness, protection and connection to your Higher Self and High Level Spirit Guides.

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Opt In Cover - Evening Meditation

The 'Evening' Energy Ritual Meditation

The Evening Energy Ritual will cleanse your energy field of any unhelpful energies by clearing your energy field of any anything you’ve inadvertently picked up throughout the day, as well as prepare you for a rejuvenating night’s sleep which facilitates spiritual healing and growth whilst you slumber.

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