Do you want to harness the power of the Moon to set powerful intentions for 2019?

Each new year offers us a wonderful opportunity to begin afresh and weave a whole new chapter with threads of hopes and dreams that perhaps, remained out of reach or unrealised in the previous year.

This month’s first big lunar event, offers us so much more.

Our beautiful Earth is about to experience a marvelous lunar event this Monday 21st January; A Super Moon and a Blood Moon. An event which packs a punch energetically. Therefore, a very potent time indeed to put pen to paper and write your 2019 intentions!

What is a Super Moon?

A Super Moon is when the moon is closer to the Earth and so it appears bigger, as well as brighter and therefore, amplifying everything it illuminates.

What is a Blood Moon?

A blood moon is when the full moon appears red as a result of the Sun, Earth and Moon aligning which creates a total eclipse of the Moon, placing it into Earth’s reddish shadow.

What’s the benefit of such an event on our intentions?

In the ordinary sense, the energy of a full moon amplifies the energy of anything it shines its silvery glow upon. Therefore, when the energy of the moon is at its most amplified; such as, during a Super Moon and a Blood Moon, so too is anything that you focus your positive attention upon. It too receives an amplification, an extra hit of energy and that is why it’s a powerful time to set your intentions.

How can you make the most of the energy of this event for your 2019 intentions?

To harness the energetic power of this event for your 2019 intentions, spend time today or tonight, pondering and connecting to your heart’s truest desires by asking yourself 3 simple questions.

3 Simple Questions To Refine Your Intentions:

  • What’s most important for me to draw into my life at this time?

  • What do I most want to feel?

  • What would enhance my life greatly if it came to be?

Try Not To Censor What You Write

Just start writing down whatever comes to your mind. Try not to censor. Allow your heart to lead not your head.

It’s so important that you write from the heart’s ‘desires‘ not the head’s wants‘.  Why. . . ?

Because our ‘wants’ quite often come from the head and therefore, the demands of the Ego and often, have little to do with what’s actually right for us by way of timing, if at all. Those things however, which have a heart-resonance around them as we ponder on them, are coming from a deeper and truer place and therefore represent what we truly need and are ready for.

EXERCISE:  The Wants vs Readiness Exercise – Sort your ‘needs’ from your ‘wants’

  1. List Your Wants – Draw 2 columns on a piece of paper.One column marked “Wants” and the other, “Readiness” and start listing all of your ‘Wants’ for 2019.
  2. What’s my state of Readiness? – Really look at the list of ‘Wants’ in front of you.As you look at your list of Wants’, ask yourself; What is my state of ‘readiness’ for each of these Wants’?Now, write beside each ‘Want’, what your state of readiness is for what you are saying you want. This will sort the weeds from the flowers so to speak, as quite often, our wants are coming from our Ego, which is pushing for things in a timeline that will bring in chaos or, it’s pushing for things that we simply don’t need.  So it’s important to make sure we are not pouring energy into getting something that isn’t right by way of timing, if at all.
  3. Look For Heart Resonance – Be alert for those things that you have a real resonance within your heart and energy for. In other words, they just feel right and there’s no presence of anxiousness around them, but rather, there is the presence of ‘heart resonance’. This means they are right for you to start setting an intent for and calling in spiritual support for.
  4. Setting The Intent and Asking For Spiritual Support For Its Manifestation – It’s so important when setting intentions to also include a request to the Spiritual energies in the higher realms for their assistance in its manifestation. Therefore, a great way to word your intentions are:X

    “I declare my state of readiness to now draw this [name what it is] into my life and I ask my Spirit Team (my Soul, Higher Self, High Level Spirit Guides and Spirit), to help line me up with whatever is necessary for this to come to be and I ask for help with drawing it into my life in the most harmonious and joyful way possible. Thank you. It’s done, it’s done, its done.”