So many people have been impacted by the Coronavirus at the level of their livelihood.  For many, their new reality is a livelihood and a way of life that’s been severely impacted, and in some cases, shattered, with the potential loss of their jobs or closure of their businesses for at least, the foreseeable future.


To help people better navigate their way through these difficult times, I am creating a set of ‘free’ recorded healing sessions to deal with issues specific to each negative effect of the virus as it unfolds in our lives. Each recorded session will follow a particular flow and focus and deal directly with helping you manage each new impact of the virus on your personal world.


‘Releasing The Emotional Trauma of Losing Your Livelihood’

Today’s free healing session deals with issues such as the shock and emotional trauma, as well as fear and anger that comes with any real or threatened loss of livelihood, and the resulting sense of powerlessness and confusion around the question… “Where do I go from here…?”  It also deals specifically with issues of ‘trust’, ‘safety’ and ‘self-worth’.


A loss of one’s work means a main source of structure and its ‘holding’ effect has been temporarily lost. This can naturally give rise to a loss of trust, as well as feelings of deep unsafety and powerlessness in what appears to be an unreliable world. Therefore, trust and a sense of safety quite often become casualties in times of change and uncertainty. 

Equally, the loss of perceived control around one’s destiny can tend to ignite self-judgment and have us second-guessing how well our future decisions can be trusted, if we think our past decisions didn’t prepare us for current events. This is a normal human reaction as we try to make sense of our current circumstances and as we try to prepare for a new reality. 

Self-worth too, can become quite provoked when we’re forced to consider what we have to offer and where we might be of greatest value in a changed world. So much of our identity and sense of worth is wrapped up in what we do. When that’s taken from us, it’s completely normal for our confidence and self-belief to be shaken. It’s only natural that losing a key reference point for your value in the world, would give rise to feelings of self-doubt about your worth, as well as a state of confusion about ‘where to from here?’ and the best first steps forward. That is, until you’ve had ample time, as well as some support to process things.

Once you give yourself the necessary time to emotionally process any change and once you allow yourself to be supported by a trusted person in your life, things will always look different. Things always look different on the other side of some emotional processing and a good chat with a trusted friend. Clarity will return and you’ll see what you need to see to move forward in an empowering way.


Today’s recorded healing will therefore begin to assist you in that process by facilitating an energetic release of the trauma attached to a loss of livelihood (or fear of loss) and an energetic healing to bring supportive healing energy in and around you to help balance you back to a state of calm, clarity, safety, and most importantly, trust.


Each of these free sessions will be uploaded to the website so that you can keep returning to this library of recordings to find whatever is specific to your individual needs at any given time.  This list of free recordings will be listed under the tab FREE Healing“.

Stay safe.. stay well… and most of all, stay hopeful…

We will all get to the other side of this stronger than we knew we were, wiser than we ever imagined… and with a renewed perspective on what’s truly important for our life going forward.



Once you play the recording, it will activate a ‘light encoded’ energy clearing through your whole body followed by a healing to restore a state of calm, groundedness, safety, courage and hope.